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Year 7 Science Baseline Tests

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Each pupil pack includes a free one-year subscription to MERiT Science.

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Use Exampro’s printed baseline tests to assess your new year 7 students’ readiness for KS3 science.

These tests, which cover the KS2 science curriculum, will enable you to:

identify individual and cohort strengths and weaknesses

group students to maximise science learning

target interventions effectively

Use the tests alongside MERiT Science, our mark entry and reporting tool, and access comparative population reports at class and individual level to help you set realistic targets and optimise teaching and learning to give your students the best start to KS3 science.

View sample questions from the new Year 7 Science Baseline Tests

Y7 Science Paper A sample
Y7 Science Paper B sample
Y7 Science Teacher's guide sample

Supporting teacher assessment

We understand, through working with secondary schools, that there is a great need for a high quality assessment to benchmark the new student intake at the beginning of year 7. As a result of this, our new Year 7 baseline test is now available to secondary schools to help you determine whether your new students are working at the standard expected at the end of Key stage 2.

These tests were developed and trialled in both primary and secondary schools and therefore may have been used this academic year in a maximum of 130 primary schools. Our trial data indicated that there was little difference in performance at the end of key stage 2 and the start of key stage 3, however, you may want to check with your feeder schools.

Each pack of tests includes free access to MERiT, our mark entry and reporting technology, to help you identify students’ strengths and weaknesses, across the three science strands and working scientifically. The reports also allow you to compare your students’ marks with the population so that you can see how your students are performing compared to others across the country.

MERiT graph - subjects

Graph of marks achieved per student (plus mean score in table). Population mean score will appear as a vertical line on the graph and a figure in the table, once enough data has been gathered for the means to be stable.

MERiT graph - strands

Graph of marks achieved by strand for the whole group (class/year/school level)

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School budgets are stretched to capacity so we have worked to ensure that the costs of the tests are as low as possible. In fact, the price is comparable to the cost of photocopying; lower if you take account of staff time, lower still if you take account of the rising stress levels when the photocopier jams…