How do your students compare with the population?

Are you using AQA papers for mocks and other assessments this year?

Would you like to see how your students compare to the population? MERiT is the reporting tool designed to give you detailed reports and a greater understanding of your students’ performance.

You will receive individual, class and cohort reports, which can help you:

  • Gain a clear overview of your class by paper, AO and/or specification strand
  • Compare your students’ performance with the national averages*
  • Identify learning gaps to support planning for teaching and interventions

You will get immediate feedback after entering marks to help identify misunderstandings, plan effective revision strategies. Share printable individual reports with students so they can actively engage in their own learning.

“Highly useful to target strengths and weaknesses and base interventions on it.

Andrew Raistrick, Assistant Headteacher

* Population means are published as soon as enough marks are entered for reliability and validity

Meaningful reports

Build a clearer picture of your students’ strengths and weaknesses as soon as mark entry is complete.

Benchmark your students’ results against national data once the population analysis has been released.

Available for

  • Enter marks online or via spreadsheet quickly and easily
  • Easily export data into your school’s or MAT’s analysis tool

“We use it in parent feedback meetings, to help set targets for pupils to help improve.”

Miss A Holbrook, Head of Science

How does it work?

1 Get access within 24 hours

Order and then alert your centre’s Exampro administrator or nominate an appropriate member of staff to be an administrator.

They will be able to:

  • upload class lists
  • designate other administrators
  • give access permissions to teachers

2 Set assessments

Download the assessments you want to use from Centre Services.

3 Mark assessments

Enter marks as you go using the app or use the spreadsheet upload option. Get instant reports and download the data to share with colleagues.

4 View reports

MERiT reports provide:

  • detailed and printable student reports
  • comparisons with the population
  • Excel downloads to export data for further analysis

Population comparison

Averages are calculated when enough marks have been entered. Schools will be notified as soon as they are released.



Administrators can upload student information and provide teachers with access to MERiT


Mark entry opens for June 2023 papers


Mark entry opens for November 2023 papers (English Language and Mathematics only)


MERiT closes for archiving – no more mark entry for this academic year but reports continue to be available when it reopens

If you wish to use papers for baseline testing please email us.


MERiT… was a really useful way of seeing how my students were performing compared to others across the country.  We were waiting on Ofsted and it was reassuring to be able to show data that was comparable not estimated.

I like that I can analyse data by class, by subject, by topic and by question. I can see if a particular teacher has a strength or weakness or if there is a topic that students are struggling with.

[Data entry] is worth the effort for the information it provides.  It is much easier and quicker now that data can be entered with clicks of a mouse.

Fiona Ballinger, Faculty Leader of Science, Barnwood Park Arts College