MERiT will be closed for annual maintenance from Friday, 7th August until Monday, 7th September. We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience while we undertake this work.


Mock results analysis tool designed for teachers and students to make constructive use of data

MERiT is free to AQA centres and will be available for GCSE English, Geography, History, Languages, Maths and Science. Use MERiT to respond effectively to gaps in learning as a result of lockdown.

  • Identify your students’ strengths and weaknesses
  • See class performance, at a glance, to steer your teaching
  • Use straightforward reports to target interventions effectively
  • Compare your class and students’ performance with the population for benchmarking
  • Share reports with optional RAG coding with students and parents and carers
  • Check student ranking from February 2021

This year – following lockdown – the way MERiT has been set up is designed to reduce stress levels. The focus is on addressing the learning gap, not measuring students against one another – it’s the detail not the overall score that counts.

How does it work?

1 Get your free access

Sign up and then nominate an appropriate member of staff as an administrator. They will be able to:

  • upload class lists
  • designate other administrators
  • give access permissions to teachers.

2 Choose papers

Get June 2019 papers from Secure Key Materials on eAQA and choose which ones you want to use for winter and/or spring mocks.

3 Mark entry

Choose how to enter marks

  • Mark the papers and enter marks on your phone or tablet as you go using our amazingly simple app.
  • Use the spreadsheet download to enter the marks and then upload to MERiT for instant reports.

4 Reports

MERiT reports provide:

  • strengths and weaknesses at class and individual level by AO and/or content
  • individual student reports to print or view
  • comparisons with population means
  • information to target teaching and learning
  • Excel downloads to import data to your SMS for further analysis.

Population comparison

Data will be generated when enough marks have been entered and schools will be notified as soon as this is released. Please note that there are no grade boundaries or predictions.



Data manager/admins can upload students into MERiT and provide teachers with access

From Monday 2 November

Mark entry opens for mock exams
Student and class reports available on completion of mark entry
Population means are published as soon as enough students’ marks have been entered and means are stable

From Monday 22 February

Student ranking published for each paper and set of papers

Spring into summer

Mark entry remains open for further mocks


MERiT closes for archiving – no more mark entry for this academic year but reports continue to be available when it reopens

Also available for Science

Early assessments for:

  • Year 7
  • Start of GCSE
  • Year 11

These can be used with MERiT in late September to help guide next steps for class teaching and interventions.


MERiT… was a really useful way of seeing how my students were performing compared to others across the country.  We were waiting on Ofsted and it was reassuring to be able to show data that was comparable not estimated.

I like that I can analyse data by class, by subject, by topic and by question. I can see if a particular teacher has a strength or weakness or if there is a topic that students are struggling with.

[Data entry] is worth the effort for the information it provides.  It is much easier and quicker now that data can be entered with clicks of a mouse.

Fiona Ballinger, Faculty Leader of Science, Barnwood Park Arts College