Mock results analysis tool for AQA GCSE Science, English and Maths

FREE to Exampro subscribers* or from just £50 per subject package**, Exampro’s Mark Entry and Reporting Technology (MERiT) has been updated for 2019/20 AQA papers.

It will give you comprehensive feedback about your students’ performance in the mock exams.

  • Compare your students’ marks with the population
  • Gain in-depth analysis of individual and whole class performance
  • Share with students, colleagues and parents
  • Identify your students’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Target interventions effectively


View the timelines for 2019/20 to find out which papers are available and when.

Get started:

1 Data manager

All you need to do to get started is nominate an appropriate member of staff as a data manager. They will be able to:

  • upload class lists,
  • designate other data managers
  • and give access permissions to teachers.

2 Mark entry

Enter marks via your desktop or our amazingly simple app on your phone or tablet. Use the Excel downloads to import data to your school management system for further analysis.

3 Reports

MERiT reports show:

  • performance comparisons with the population,
  • strengths and weaknesses at class and individual level,
  • mark distribution by class,
  • information to target teaching and learning.

Population comparison

Data will be generated when sufficient marks have been entered and schools will be notified as soon as this is released. Please note there are no grade boundaries or predictions.


MERiT… was a really useful way of seeing how my students were performing compared to others across the country.  We were waiting on Ofsted and it was reassuring to be able to show data that was comparable not estimated.

I like that I can analyse data by class, by subject, by topic and by question. I can see if a particular teacher has a strength or weakness or if there is a topic that students are struggling with.

[Data entry] is worth the effort for the information it provides.  It is much easier and quicker now that data can be entered with clicks of a mouse.

Fiona Ballinger, Faculty Leader of Science, Barnwood Park Arts College

*GCSE Science Package or Secondary Science Package, GCSE English, GCSE Maths or Secondary Maths.

**MERiT GCSE Science, MERiT GCSE English, MERiT GCSE Maths