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Building the future of science assessment

For over twenty years, Exampro has been the science community’s trusted tool; helping teachers to create exam preparation resources with ease. Now we’re taking formative assessment to the next level with Exampro Onscreen.

Exampro Science Onscreen

Exampro Onscreen builds and expands on the Exampro you know and love, allowing it to meet your formative assessment needs. And now you also get to choose if your students complete tests onscreen or on paper.

Secondary Science Onscreen

  • Includes over 4,500 questions
  • Covers GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry, GCSE Physics and KS3 Science
  • Includes insights and reporting so that you can track pupil & class performance
  • Share documents online with individual pupils, classes or whole year groups
  • Automarking for several question types, saving you time

A-level Chemistry and Physics Onscreen

  • Includes over 1,900 multiple choice questions
  • Covers A-level Chemistry and A-level Physics
  • Includes insights and reporting so that you can track students & class performance
  • Share documents online with individual students, classes or custom groups
  • All questions are automarked to save you time

Secondary Science Onscreen (£150)*

A-level Chemistry Onscreen (£60)**

A-level Physics Onscreen (£60)**

This is an add-on package that requires an active subscription. If your current Science Exampro subscription ends, you will not be able to access Exampro Science Onscreen.

*Secondary Science Onscreen requires a Secondary Science Package or GCSE Science Package subscription.

**A-level Science Onscreen requires an A-level Science Package, A-level Chemistry or A-level Physics subscription.

GCSE Biology Onscreen Search screen

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Enhanced Test Building

We’ve separated each whole question, allowing you to find the exact part question you want by searching for precise specification references, Working Scientifically skills, assessment objectives and more. In just a few minutes you can make a host of effective formative assessments — from low-stakes quizzes and retrieval practice exercises, to topic tests and revision resources.

Smooth Student Experience

Students can access onscreen assignments easily via the student portal. Bespoke toolbars for mathematical and chemical equations, improved question formatting and automatic saving help students to succeed.

GCSE Biology Onscreen Test Shell

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GCSE Biology Onscreen Student marks report

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Effortless Reporting

Exampro Onscreen enables automarking for a number of question types and automatically generates reports for each assignment, giving you a wealth of useful information. View the exact specification areas, skills, types of questions and assessment objectives your students are succeeding in or need more support with to help you close the assessment loop.

Discover the future of formative assessment with Exampro Onscreen and elevate your science classroom to new heights.