1 Create targeted assessments­‎

Drag and drop questions from the new or legacy specifications to create your own targeted topic tests, class assignments, listening tasks, plenaries, homework and revision exercises that fit perfectly with your scheme of work. Search by criteria such as question type, theme or skill.

2 Create unique playlists for listening tests­‎

All the listening questions come with their own audio clip. Play clips through Exampro or download them into your own playlists.

3 Access NEW annotated writing exemplars

GCSE MFL Highlights contains marked and annotated writing exemplars that will help you to assess your students’ work accurately, moderate the marking across your department and develop your students’ understanding of how to improve their attainment.

“Exampro is an essential part of my exam prep! It saves you time, it makes sure the students have targeted exam practice and it ensures that your department do more listening and reading related
to exams.”

Bertram Richter, Head of Languages, Tile Hill Wood School & Language College