Exampro Mathematics provides you with online access to thousands of exam questions, their associated mark schemes and examiner comments.

Prepare your students for their exams by choosing questions selected for their relevance to each specification. Search for questions by topic, level, calculator use and more.

Packages available

Transition Mathematics Secondary Mathematics GCSE Mathematics A-level Mathematics
Key stage 2
Key stage 3
AS/A-level Mathematics
AS/A-level Further Mathematics

All packages contain past paper questions mapped to both legacy and current/new specifications, plus specimen papers.

Save time

Simply by dragging and dropping, you can turn questions into lessons, homework tasks, classroom discussions, topic tests or revision exercises. You can print, project or export the tasks to Word/PDF, and check all the solutions instantly.

Get to know what the examiners want

Examiner comments give you an insight into how marks are distributed and a review of common errors, allowing you to focus your teaching on weaker areas of your students’ knowledge.

Get students used to exam conditions

Timings and marks for each question allow students to practise their exam technique, and how to apply the methods they’ve learned in class. You can instantly check the solutions for quick marking.

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You will receive all updates for free while your subscription is valid.

Available subjects


  • KS2 Arithmetic
  • KS2 Reasoning
  • KS3 Maths Progress
  • KS2 Mathematics
  • KS3 Mathematics
  • KS1-KS3 Mental Arithmetic
  • Using and Applying Mathematics
  • KS2 Maths Stretch and Challenge

This question bank contains thousands of carefully selected past and specimen questions mapped to the new GCSE Mathematics Specification 8300.

Also included: Exampro GCSE Mathematics (4360/4365) to help students who are resitting.

Search questions by:

  • topic
  • level
  • calculator use


  • KS3 Mathematics
  • KS3 Maths Progress
  • Using & Applying Mathematics
  • GCSE Mathematics (8300)
  • GCSE Mathematics (4360/4365)

New question banks for new AS and A-level Mathematics and Further Mathematics specifications. Currently containing all specimen papers plus Pure Core module questions re-mapped to the new specifications. Regular free updates will complete all question banks by early 2018.

Access to question banks for all legacy specification modules.

* Every licence includes three concurrent users so any three teachers can use each database simultaneously but you can order additional users at any time.

VAT will be added to all prices at the current rate

“Exampro makes my job easy! It’s good for ongoing assessment and with the help of the examiner comments, I can understand the common mistakes and remove misconceptions.”

Erkan Saricoban, Maths Teacher, Atlantic International School