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GCSE Required Practical Resources

Develop your students’ practical skills with our online bank of editable resources. Covering all 28 required practicals, our new resources focus on deepening and embedding your students’ learning. Find out more

Each set of resources includes:

  • teacher/technician notes,
  • student worksheet and
  • PowerPoint presentation

to ensure that you and your students are fully equipped and make the most of the required practicals.

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Maths for Science question bank
(beta version)

We are soft launching a growing Maths for Science question bank. It has been designed to help science students practise and enhance their knowledge of the mathematics expectations within their GCSE science courses.

This beta question bank is available now for free to Exampro Science subscribers this year in return for their feedback and comments via a short survey in November 2019.

To access the question bank simply log into Exampro and select “Maths for Science”.

Year 7 Baseline Tests

A set of printed test papers designed to support teacher assessment of each student’s level of attainment when they start secondary school and to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Based on the KS2 curriculum, the tests accurately assess science performance individually and across your school.

Use MERiT (our mark entry and reporting tool) to enter student data and marks to obtain question by question analysis, view strengths and weaknesses by curriculum strand, and make individual, class and school comparisons with the population.

Exampro Sci Baseline Paper A cover
Exampro Sci Baseline Paper B cover

Science Highlights – Extended Response Questions

Exampro Science Highlights gives you online access to interactive marked and annotated responses to the new AQA GCSE Science 4 and 6 mark extended response questions.

Use the exemplars in your department to support marking and moderation and to inform intervention strategies.

Share the responses, mark schemes and examiner comments with your students on the whiteboard. Facilitate discussion, understanding and insights that will help them to optimise their progress and attainment.

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