NOW AVAILABLE: free topic tests for Exampro schools

Students can work independently

Exampro is supporting thousands of teachers and students while schools are closed. It is ideally suited to the creation and sharing of differentiated assessments.

The Exampro Viewer is perfect for all remote learning and independent tasks.

Share questions with your students easily without printing – just compile your document, save it in the online library then share the generated URL*.

Watch this 2 minute video to see how to use the Exampro Viewer, and start sharing questions with your department and students.

“Exampro has been incredibly useful with regards to the online teaching of lessons. I will definitely continue to use this feature once we are back to face-to-face teaching again.”

William Murphy, Science teacher

Record breaking…

rise in the use of Exampro shareable links. We are delighted that these links to the Exampro Viewer have provided support at this challenging time.

Topic tests

These formative assessment resources cover a range of topics and are targeted at year 10 and 12 students. They enable teachers and students to work together to identify strengths and weaknesses and to plan next steps.

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For September…

we are developing MERiT, our reporting tool, to provide detailed individual reports as well as population analysis for baseline assessments across a range of subjects and year groups.

Find answers to questions about Exampro

Our Exampro support pages provide you with all the information you need to use Exampro effectively. You will find answers to many typical questions, from how to set up your individual account to how to make and edit documents and share resources.

Contact us for support and guidance

If you still have questions or need guidance, please contact us and a member of our friendly support team will help. You can contact us via email or call us on 0345 145 1500 (lines are open from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday).

*These links can be shared by email or on a password-protected section of your school website. Please remind students that they must not share these links with anyone in other schools. Our Terms and Conditions state that documents made in Exampro must not be shared outside your centre.