Exampro Highlights

Exampro English Highlights is for you, your colleagues and your students. You will find:

  • NEW English Progress
  • UPDATED Language and Literature collections

English Progress

Exampro’s brand new English Progress project tracked 10 mixed ability students from the end of year 9 to their GCSE results day.

You can view their marked and annotated responses to new English Language specification tasks by question, to see performance over time, or by session, to see performance at a moment in time.

Profiles, written by their teachers at the end of year 9 and end of year 11, show you their targets, strengths, weaknesses and help you to get to know them.

Language and Literature collections

View interactive marked and annotated responses to exam questions from June 2017, specimen and legacy papers. They will help you to assess your students’ work, moderate marking and support your students’ improvement.

Perfect for CPD and use in the classroom. View our video of tips and tricks or download our guide for ideas.

Make your mock count

Use the exemplars in your department to support marking and moderation and to inform intervention strategies.

Share the responses, mark schemes and examiner comments with your students on the whiteboard. Facilitate discussion, understanding and insights that will help them to optimise their progress and attainment.

Enter your students’ marks into our FREE Mark Entry and Reporting Technology (MERiT) to find out where your students rank in the population and review comparative strengths and weaknesses across the class and school.

Available subjects

GCSE English Highlights (8700 8702)

Hundreds of interactive marked and annotated responses to questions from Language and Literature papers.

English Language (8700):

  • June 2017 standardisation materials
  • SAMs 4
  • SAMs 1
  • Legacy papers

English Literature (8702):

  • June 2017 standardisation materials
  • SAMs 1

English Progress

* Every licence includes three concurrent users so any three teachers can use each database simultaneously but you can order additional users at any time.

VAT will be added to all prices at the current rate

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“Taking the mystery out of marking, it provides reliable information direct from the exam board!”

Caroline Woolfe, English teacher